New Updates to Anti-Racism in the Outdoors

Happy Friday!

The Anti-Racism in the Outdoors resource guide aims to explore ways that organizations and individuals are shining a light on historic discriminatory practices regarding green areas, and ways in which parks, natural areas, and public gardens can be made more accessible, welcoming, and safe for every person. The result is the guide, ‘Anti-racism in the Outdoors: Resources related to inclusion, diversity, equity and access of black, indigenous and people of color in parks and greenspaces.’

The resource guide is divided into seven categories: organizations, presentations and podcasts, affinity groups and resource lists, books, articles and reports, general anti-racism resources, and ways to be an effective ally. Please check out the above link and the link to their website! The resources are updated monthly with new material. Some of the new resources this month focus on racism in design and walkability, like this article “America’s Cities Were Designed to Oppress” by Bryan Lee Jr.

For more inclusionary discussions don’t forget to check out the Walk with Me podcast from the CT Trail Census. We are on Spotify and Podbean.

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