Month: June 2018

2nd Data Collection Season

The CTTC team is happy to announce that all Trail Site Coordinators (TSCs) have been trained in the program updates that were developed using lessons learned from the pilot year! This means that the 2nd data collection season is underway! Things to keep in mind:

  • Each trail should aim to collect 100 surveys at varied times and days throughout the summer and fall.
  • 10 hours of manual counts should be completed throughout the season. Scan forms and email them to and send originals in pre-paid envelopes with surveys (wait until envelopes are full to send!).
  • This is bug season! Last year, several trails lost weeks of data due to bugs nesting in the IR Counter boxes and covering the heat-sensing scope. TSCs and volunteers should be checking the counters frequently! We recommend using a Q-tip to clean the scope even if it appears clear.
  • TSCs: Please submit all current volunteer hours by the end of June. Track it Forward website.
  • Have fun and take pictures! Post pictures of your data collection trips on the CTTC Facebook page using #cttrailcensus.


Other news:

  • New logo! CTTC worked with a design team to develop a new color scheme and logo design for the program. Let us know what you think!
  • Full-color summary reports are now available! These 4-page (2-page double sided) packets are designed to quickly and concisely illustrate the impact of each trail on its community according the CTTC data. Scroll to the bottom of the data page to take a look!
  • Going forward, we will not be producing Quarterly Reports. Instead, the data will be uploaded to the interactive data portal each quarter.
  • First quarter 2018 IR count trail use data is now live on the data portal. The totals listed on the default page represent the uses for the first quarter of 2018 (January, February & March).  Last year’s data can be viewed by clicking the red “2017 Adjusted Counts” button.

Click here to view the latest newsletter and please contact the Statewide Coordinator ( if you have any questions or would like to get involved in the program.