Month: September 2017

September Surveying Dates

Just a reminder that the CT Trail Census program’s suggested dates to perform the final round of qualitative data collection via Intercept Surveying is Sunday September 16th – Sunday September 24th.

Open this post for more information on surveying on your trails.



  • Each trail should submit surveys from 2 separate survey sessions: 2 hours on a weekday and 2 hours on a weekend.
  • It is recommended that survey trips be planned based on trail highest use times using data gathered by the IR counters in previous months.
  • At least 2 volunteers should be scheduled to perform each session, and more may be required if your trail has a particularly high volume of users.

Remember, these guidelines were developed to ensure that each trail group is able to obtain an adequate amount of data about the users of their local trail.

  • Doing your best to complete the surveys based on these recommendations will maximize our ability to analyze and understand trail usage in your community.
  • Keep in mind the overall goals of the program such as advocating for trails, improving trail amenities and raising funds for trail improvements and maintenance as you complete surveys this fall.

Lastly, resources for Intercept Surveying such as the PDF of the survey and training guides are located on our home page. Also, don’t forget to enter volunteer hours!

Please reach out to Kristina, the Trail Census Statewide Coordinator at if you have any questions regarding the fall surveying process. Thank you for participating in this important aspect of the program and we hope you enjoy getting out on your trails this fall!