Month: January 2018

CTTC Data Shows Impressive Winter Usage

A story published in the New Haven Independent dated January 16th, 2018, features CT Trail Census’ Site Coordinator for the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail New Haven, Aaron Goode.

Photo: Markeshia Ricks, New Haven Independent

In the article, Goode advocates for developers and city planners to consider the benefits of the trail beyond recreational users. He uses CTTC IR counter data to illustrate the point that people are using the trail in high numbers even in the winter when the trail isn’t plowed. This suggests that people may be using the trail for commuting and that the city should plow and maintain the trail during the winter months.

Being able to present exact trail usage data such as that which CTTC’s IR counters collect is extremely beneficial when advocating for trail maintenance, improvements and construction.

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