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CT Trail Census Data Dashboard

CT Trail Census Dashboard
The CT Trail Census has an all new data dashboard! It includes all years (2017-present) and a Yearly Comparison. Find it on the CT Trails website.

COVID-19 Trail Impact June 2020

Hop River/Charter Oak Connection (image: CT Trail Census/NVCOG)

Hop River-Charter Oak Trail Connection

This is a report on infrared (IR) counter data collected by the Connecticut Trail Census. It documents trail use during June 2020 at 13 sites along some of the most popular multi-use trails in Connecticut, and compares use with the same period in 2019, as one indication of the unprecedented changes in trail use occurring simultaneously with the outbreak of COVID-19.

“On the Trail” Podcast

On the Trail Podcast image
On the Trail, sponsored by the CT Trail Census, hosted by Neva Taylor, is a podcast all about topics both on, off, in and around trails in Connecticut. Come see what we learn “On the Trail!” New episodes posted every Friday at 12PM!

Have You Seen This Box?

Trails Portal image
The grey electrical junction box houses a Trafx infrared (IR) pedestrian counter. The counter can sense the temperature differential between warm bodies and the ambient air temperature. Every time a trail user passes the counter, the counter records it, enabling project staff to gauge trail use.

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