CT Trail Census welcomes two new staff members!

We were sad to say goodbye to our fantastic Coordinator, Charlie Tracy, in September as he moved into full retirement. We wish him the best in all his endeavors! Please join us in welcoming Kimberly Bradley as our new Trail Census Coordinator, starting October 5. Kim holds a M.Sc. in Biological Oceanography and most recently worked as a Project Specialist for the UCONN Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation (CIRCA) supporting programs on living shorelines and green infrastructure. Kim is dedicated and passionate about protection of natural resources and open spaces, engaging individuals and communities in outdoor activities and connecting them to our public lands, and  educating others to maintain resilient ecological systems.


We are also welcoming Neva Taylor, our summer student intern, back as she continues on with us in her role as host and producer of the On the Trail podcast and Walk with Me miniseries. As well as continuing to create podcast content, she has also taken on the role of Social Media Coordinator for us.

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