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CT Trail Census Received $206,049 Grant

In case you haven’t heard! The Connecticut Trail Census program recently received $206,049.50 in grant funding from the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) Trails & Greenways Program and the Connecticut Greenways Council. UConn Extension’s Connecticut Trail Census is a statewide volunteer-based data collection and education program implemented as a pilot from 2016-2018 on 16 multi-use (bicycle, pedestrian, equestrian) trail sites across the state. With this news, program staff have been busy developing the program methods for 2019 and beyond, increasing the trail site capacity by bringing in additional staff, and improving upon the training materials while continuing to facilitate the trail use data collection by our passionate volunteers. 

Thank you to our volunteers and participating community members for your hard work and support! Together we hope to make the Connecticut Trail Census an efficient and successful model for trail use data collection by volunteers.

Welcome New Trail Census Coordinator Kristina Kelly!

Kristina KellyThis month we welcome our new Trail Census Coordinator Kristina Kelly!

Kristina has experience coordinating volunteer data collection programs such as DEEP’s Riffle Bioassessment by Volunteers (RBV), and has developed a passion for citizen science as away to involve the community in environmental education, protection and advocacy.

She is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Geography with a concentration in Sustainability where she enjoys studying environmental protection, community engagement, and natural resources. At home, she enjoys gardening, photography and taking care of animals. She has two cats, a hamster, and maintains bird feeders for all of the neighborhood squirrels.

Stay tuned for trainings as we enter the fall data collection season as an opportunity to say “Hi!” to our new Coordinator, and to stay up-to-date in program goals and expectations.