Upcoming Webinar: Digging into the 2017 CTTC Data!

Announcing: “Digging into the 2017 CTTC Data” interactive webinar! Offered as a companion to last month’s release of the 2017 CTTC count and survey data, the webinar will serve as a “guided tour” of the data. Objectives include walking attendees through how to interpret the data, pointing out interesting patterns in data and key takeaways, and discussing the myriad of potential applications this data could have in improving our state’s trail systems.


This webinar will be hosted by the following members of the CTTC Team: Kristina (Statewide Coordinator), Laura (UCONN Extension Educator), and Aaron (Senior Regional Planner for NVCOG). Cost is free, but registration is required.

Click here to register.

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